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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Earthgrade was created with the goal of making a difference for our planet. By building
      together as community of sustainability thought leaders, we can make the planet better for both
      today and tomorrow.

    • Earthgrade was founded in Australia in 2021 to provide real sustainable solutions to
      solve the planet’s massive plastic crisis. We are founding manufacturers of real
      earth-friendly products made from ethically-produced materials. We are a dynamic team
      spread across the globe that shares a commitment to our mission and vision for a better

    • Many of us wish to purchase in ways that are more ethical and sustainable. But it’s
      impossible to know how brands affect everything we care about. There are thousands of
      items on the market and hundreds of sustainability challenges, but most customers just
      don’t have the time to research the background of their purchases.

      Making sustainable decisions does not have to be a tough task. Earthgrade recognizes
      that people care about working conditions, animal welfare, and the environment, and our
      products and processes make it a simple choice for millions of people worldwide. We
      want everyone’s shopping baskets to embody their principles.

    • Earthgrade cannot control how consumers manage their waste, however, we can create
      packaging which will benefit the Earth.

      We are also here to meet the growing demands of consumers for more sustainable
      products and packaging. We are more than ready to help brands transition to this
      demand through the range that we offer, and to help make a difference for the future of
      the planet

    • Earthgrade’s product range is available globally online through Amazon or via the
      Earthgrade website.

    • It is a term coined by Earthgrade which means completely biodegradable, compostable, and Earthgrade-approved.

    • This is an organic element-based characteristic of the Earthgrade product range. It
      decomposes into compost, which improves the texture of the soil and the growth of

    • Thi is Earthgrade’s stylish and earth-friendly reusable bag made with washable paper

    • This is a material used in Earthgrade’s EnviroBag, which is made from a composition paper pulp and plant-based materials. It is the latest environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and poly woven packaging materials. Earthgrade’s washable paper EnviroBag has the capability of being washed regularly without getting damaged.

    • It is a fibrous raw material used in Earthgrade’s product range for paper manufacturing
      that contains vegetable, mineral, or man-made fibers.

    • This is a material (often wood) used in Earthgrade’s product range that is harvested for
      the first time and has not yet been recycled.